charity : water

We're happy to report that work is now underway
in the Tigray region of Ethiopia!

Ethiopia - TigrayA Glimmer of Hope (AGOH), and their local implementing partner, Relief Society of Tigray (REST), are forming local Water Committees, who will learn to make minor repairs when necessary and work with families in the community to build a preventative fund for larger repairs.

Water committees will consist of six members, three women and three men. Emphasis on equal participation in these committees allows women to act as leaders in training and the sustainability of the water point.

When you give water, you give equality to these communities. You also give dignity, opportunity, health and beauty. Clean water changes everything.

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charity : water

I truly believe that you get what you give when it comes from the heart. Essential Water Technologies is committed to protecting our most precious resource and we want to provide a basic necessity to those who do not have it. WATER. Please join us in our mission to provide drinking water to support a community who has to struggle to get water.

With this well, the community will be more productive; women will not need to walk 3 hours per day, carrying 40 pounds of dirty water home that makes their babies sick. Children will have time to go to school and learn. The community will be healthier.

It is our commitment to give back and help those who are less fortunate. Please help us and consider supporting our 90 Day campaign to provide drinking water that will support a village.quote

Lori Hilson Cioromski, President, Essential Water Technologies

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Diseases from drinking unsafe water kills more people every year than all forms of violence,
including war. Your donation can help change that.

charity : water